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Quality Policy

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Quality Policy

The hallmark of Transfield shall be quality.

All of our commitments, actions and products must be recognized as an expression of quality .We shall ensure that all our projects are executed in accordance with the contract requirements, and in compliance with all legal, statutory and regulatory requirements thus providing good value and satisfaction to our Client. Our most important criterion of quality is the satisfaction of our customers, hence maintaining their full confidence in Transfield as an organization. The demands and stipulations of the customer must be met by our commitments and executions conforming to agreed terms. Each delivery should create a recommendation for further business.

Our overriding goal is to continue operating as a competitive and successful enterprise, & the same shall be determined by the dedication we show in our work ,by continuous evaluation of our departmental objectives and, above all, by our attitude towards quality.

This quality policy shall be communicated to all employees of company, by displaying it in all the offices and all project sites;

It is the responsibility of both the top management and all employees to be aware of this policy and the applicable company systems relevant to one’s area of work/assignment, hence playing a pivotal role as “members of the Quality Management Team”.

The Quality Management System defined within the Quality Manual shall apply to all the company departments/subsidiaries and to all of its construction sites, within the framework of the agreed contract and applicable clauses of the ISO 9001:2008 standard

Together we believe that our clients, our suppliers or subcontractors, and the whole society in general are important contributors to our businesses and this fact is evenly reflected in our overall business operations.

The company shall continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system by analyzing customer feedbacks, conducting internal audits, imparting training where necessary, and reviewing the established Quality Management System.

Khalid Jarrar

Founder chairman & CEO

Revision: 1. Date: Jan 15th Feb, 2010